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Who We Are

Somerset Community Services, Inc. (SCS) is a private, non-profit corporation that provides a wide range of supports to individuals with developmental disabilities residing in Somerset, Wicomico and Worcester Counties. Somerset Community Services, Inc. was established in July of 1970. We remain committed to assisting individuals with disabilities in realizing their greatest potential and becoming productive members of their communities. Somerset Community Services is licensed by the State Department of Health and Mental Hygiene and regulated by the Developmental Disabilities Administration.

People are supported to live a full life through community inclusion, customized employment and meaningful day activities. Somerset Community Services, Inc. believes that community integration is to be individualized by using the person-centered planning model and must be tailored uniquely and sensibly in accordance with needs, preferences and choices of the person receiving services.

Our Mission

The mission of Somerset Community Services, Inc. is to provide quality supports. These supports are individually tailored to address the specific needs and personal preferences of the person receiving services. They act to empower the individual to make informed choices, foster personal growth and become productive member of their community. The goal is that people with developmental disabilities would have a full meaningful life that includes community inclusion and customized employment.

A Maryland Employment First Agency

The employment team at Somerset Community Services provides both Employment Services and Career Exploration Services to provide job training to the individuals we serve.

Following a new DDA directive, all individuals will have the opportunity to work with staff to better identify their skills and interests, through a Discovery Process, and customize this to a community integrated work experience. The work experience can take many forms including apprenticeships, internships, supported employment and competitive employment. Through our Meaningful Day Services individuals can learn basic tangible work skills and get work readiness training to ensure they are prepared for employment. This includes assistance with interview preparation, resume development, communication skills and the application/job search process.

Customized Employment refers to individualizing the employment relationships between employers and employees in ways that meet the unique needs of both. The end goal being Customized Integrated Employment for all. Educating the public, building relationships and eventually creating an alliance with local businesses, allows us to “customize” the employment experience for the individuals we work with. This is a win-win situation for all.

Get in Touch

SCS will determine Closures/Delays on a case by case basis. Notification will be done through website and employee/family notification system. Please contact Pam Scarborough if you have questions.

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