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Somerset Community Services, Inc. is very proactive when it comes to the health and wellness of our staff. We pride ourselves in providing opportunities to our staff to improve the overall quality of their health and well-being.

Our Motto

  • A healthy employee is a happy employee.
  • A happy employee is a productive employee

We provide assistance to our employees through:

  • Offering opportunities to participate in our walking club twice each work day
  • Offering the opportunity to meet with our on-site Reflexologist
  • Offering Educational Information on Health, Wellness, Nutrition, and Fitness

To help us create a successful wellness program, we would like to implement a plan for each of our staff members where you would have the opportunity to:

  1. Find out your health risk through an assessment;
  2. Set goals to lower those risks;
  3. Participate in activities and educational programs to obtain those goals.

Please click here to begin the Somerset Community Services, Inc. Wellness Interest Survey.

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