Line of people serving food out of metal containers to a large group


Title EMAIL Extension
Front Desk 110
Sandy Adkins Executive Director [email protected] 111
Katie Gell Deputy Director [email protected] 119
Danielle Bozman Financial Director [email protected] 117
Pam Cohen Program Director [email protected] 118
Ty Lane Assistant Program Director [email protected] 154
Kay Jones Director of Quality [email protected] 138
Jamie Ulmer Human Resources Director [email protected] 130
Kaitlyn Austin Compliance and Platforms Manager [email protected] 164
Dawn Spicer Clinical Social Worker [email protected] 142
Howard Brinkley Residential Director [email protected] 121
Denise Spence Director of Scheduling [email protected] 166
Teresa Bozman-Laird Day Program Director [email protected] 557
Linda Evans Residential Manager [email protected] 132
Jerri Crockett Clinical Social Worker [email protected]
Eric Taylor Residential Scheduler [email protected] 132
Yvonne Brockenbrough Residential Scheduler [email protected] 166
Tanesha Purnell Weekend Manager [email protected] 137
David Elliot Maintenance/Transportation Director [email protected] 126
Kristen Forster Director of Nursing [email protected] 161
Rebecca Braun Registered Nurse [email protected] 131
Andrea Carlisle Registered Nurse [email protected] 160
Laurie Chance Licensed Practical Nurse [email protected] 538
Anne Taylor Records Supervisor [email protected] 123
Dana Sutton Administration Specialist [email protected] 115
Noelle Paul Administration Specialist [email protected] 134
Erica Hunter Director of Employment Services [email protected] 114
Kevin Evans Program Coordinator [email protected] 169
Tyshonna Douglas Program Coordinator [email protected] 156
Riba Ndirangu Program Coordinator [email protected] 165
Melissa Joy Program Coordinator [email protected] 555
Elton Collins Job Coach [email protected] 141
Pia Johnson Transportation Coordinator [email protected] 141
Latrele Crawford Person-Centered Plan Coordinator [email protected] 157
Cranston Cox Bookkeeper [email protected] 162
Heather Insley Payroll Clerk [email protected] 112
Scott Smith Training Manager [email protected] 155
Mike Jones Facilities Director [email protected] 125
Debbie Adkins Human Resources Assistant [email protected] 139
Aaliyah Taylor Documentation Compliance Analyst [email protected] 137