Meaningful Day Services

A variety of life enrichment options are provided for participants receiving Meaningful Day Services through Somerset Community Services, Inc. Through Day Habilitation Services, our staff supports participants to develop and maintain skills related to activities of daily living, vocation, and socialization while utilizing formal teaching methods and participation in meaningful activities. Services are designed to promote greater independence and personal choice and can include things like learning skills for employment, effective communication, self-advocacy, self-care classes, social skills, safety skills, problem-solving, and volunteering.

Employment Services are also provided through Meaningful Day Services with the goal to provide job training to the participants we serve.

Following a new DDA directive, all individuals will have the opportunity to work with staff to better identify their skills and interests through a Discovery Process, and customize this to a community-integrated work experience. Through our Employment Services, participants can learn basic tangible work skills and get work readiness training to ensure they are prepared for employment. This includes assistance with interview preparation, resume development, communication skills, and the application/job search process.

Customized Employment refers to individualizing the employment relationships between employers and employees in ways that meet the unique needs of both, with the end goal being Customized Integrated Employment for all. Educating the public, building relationships, and eventually creating an alliance with local businesses allows us to “customize” the employment experience for the participants we work with. This is a win-win situation for all.

For a detailed list of offered programs, or to submit a referral, please do not hesitate to contact us.